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Our Art Collectors’ Homes

Highland Beach Home

The Tribuna of the Uffizi

by Zoffany, John

This home owner, an avid art collector and successful businesswoman, wanted us to recreate the Boca Raton home’s mood for her beach house.

Atlanta Home

The Gulf Stream

by Homer, Winslow (top)


The Atlanta home was a wonderful project for us.  Prestige Fine Art was presented with the task of finding paintings by several grand masters that depicted African Americans in a meaningful way.

London Home

Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces

by David, Jacques-Louis

This home offered several areas for which we reproduced specific paintings, chosen by the owner from our large photographic album of 500 paintings.  This professionally photographed album is designed to make the selection process easy and enjoyable.  Once the paintings were picked out by the client, we at Prestige Fine Art decided on the most appropriate sizes and frames to suit each display space and the home overall.


Sanctuary Home

In some cases, a collector has a distinct vision of her own.  My job is to determine exactly what that vision is so I can help a client realize it.  I ask questions about preferred art styles.  In many instances, I show examples of several painting styles to assist with a direction.

Galley with Views of Modern Rome

by Pannini, Giovanni Paolo

Wild Flowers

by Waterhouse, John William

Sometimes my services are called upon by other entrepreneurs to assist with their own work.  In this case, a luxury home developer, who owns several large properties in prestigious areas, wanted to stage a home he planned to sell, and he thought fantastic artwork would help him do that.  First, he met with me to select paintings in specific sizes from the references I showed him.

Royal Palm Home

Boca Raton Home

Cole, Waterhouse, Monet, Beraud, Bouguereau, Maignan

Art Collectors Bedroom

We completed this home for a powerful CEO who took charge, knew what he wanted, and selected bold paintings, which reflected his strong character. We started in the living room/entertaining area, and I introduced him to the concept of double and triple hanging a wall (placing two or three paintings on the same wall, above one another).

Victoria Park Home

The Sower, (Pastel) by Gogh, Vincent van

Flowering Almond Branch, by Gogh, Vincent van

This particular home was both challenging and exciting because the owner wanted to create a fresh and new, very up-to-date contemporary style.  We reviewed many artists and paintings that we thought might fit his taste and ultimately selected paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, whose work is forever new and has a distinctly contemporary feel.

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