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Prestige Fine Art Categories

Old Master Old World

Old Master/Old World, in Prestige Fine Art terminology, is best described as the artistic styles and artists of the 16th century, such as Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Caravaggio (and many more). These paintings tend to be dark in

color and filled with painterly texture. We are highly skilled at recreating these aspects, and we can also “age” such paintings to make them look even older and more authentic. Primarily, our collectors understand that this category refers to the renowned “Old Masters” of the predominantly European “Old World”.

The Triumph of Alexanderby

by Lebrun, Charles

Romantic Classical Victorian

This category encompasses many genres that cross over among the main Prestige Fine Art categories. “Romantic” includes works by many different artists who all focus on subjects imbued with a loving nature. “Classical” refers to any paintings that conjure an eternal gravitas, especially a significanttime period or event in history--often painted by masters who specialize in the genre. “Victorian” captures an era when artists painted women and landscapes highlighted by decorative frill

Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces

by David, Jacques-Louis

“Historical”, to the folks at Prestige Fine Art, means paintings that signify events in the world that merit recognition and have been documented by a well-known artist. It is a broad category that encompasses its own distinctive

set of subcategories: Religious, War, Independence, Cultural Events, and Societal Changes. These paintings represent monumental moments captured by monumental artists.

Historical and Western

The Last Supper

by de Vinci, Leonardo

This category documents American history, from early American history, such as the landing of Christopher Columbus, to the present day, such as the landing on the moon. In short, it references the struggles and triumphs that America has experienced in its more than 200 years of existence. These paintings shout, “This is the American way of life!”


Snap the Whip

by Homer, Winslow


Les Ballerines

by Degas, Edgar

It has always been my desire to share and enjoy all the popular mediums of art. “Pastels” have been used by many renowned artists, from Degas to Picasso, and they are a joyful, lighthearted, and enlightening example of

art works that step outside the realm of the oil painting medium.


Sculpture through the centuries has been admired by art lovers and enhances museum collections around ,the world. I have experienced sheer joy in viewing and owning many different world-class sculptures that

are actually copies of highly regarded artists, such as Bernini, Rodin, Degas, Canova,

Michela ngelo, Botticell i, to name only a few. Over the years, we at Prestige Fine Art have sought out companies and individual artists who can deliver what our collectors long to possess.

Life B, 2000 marble height 25”

by Nilda Maria Comas

Photography And Photorealism

Since its advent, photography has intrigued admirers of the arts. Photographs give us the ability to enter the mind of the photographer and see what he or she sees through the camera’s lens. These images, captured moments in time, live on—clearly making fine photography an esteemed art form.


Prestige Fine Art’s art category, “Impressionism”, is the only term we use that is closely aligned with the term used in the academic and art historical worlds. It represents paintings created by the avant-garde artists of the 19th century; a time of groundbreaking changes in how artists saw the worl around them. When collectors ask me, “What exactly does impression mean,” I explain that the artists used a lot of color and vibrant strokes of paint applied quickly and thickly, thus creating a loose “impression” of a subjec or scene rather than a detailed and highly refined study: think Monet, Van Gogh, and Renoir.

The Dinner Party (Emulation)

by Grun, Jules Alexandre

Lionfish in Coral

by Mike Poirier

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