Museum Quality


by Edward A. Mero

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Museum Quality


“Museum Quality is a delightful and inspiring book written by a connoisseur of the arts.”

Mark Skousen,

renowned speaker, writer, and author of Forecast and Strategies


“I have gorgeous paintings from Prestige Fine Art all over my home and office.  Guests never fail to comment on them.  I’ll be back when

I have empty wall space… or just want to look at something new.”

Alex Green,

investment director The Oxford Club, and author of An Embarrassment of Riches

Edward A. Mero

Author and art dealer Ed Mero of Prestige Fine Art. Ed Mero has been immersed in the world of museum quality art and fine art recreations for more than 20 years.  Along the way, he has accumulated many wonderful stories about artists, collectors, and the works of art that bring them all together.  His fascinating journey--from pioneer to the nation’s foremost producer of affordable, top-notch recreations of world-famous museum paintings illustrates why collecting these “masterpieces of masterpieces” makes perfect sense.

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